Mobile Vaccination Clinic

Mobile Vaccination clinic is project of in which our licensed veterinarians come to your doorstep to administer high-quality vaccines with no appointments and no exam fees.

Complete Dog Vaccination
1500 Rs /Shot
Vaccine Against:
The virus of the plague
Rabies dogs
Free Visit and Consultancy
Complete Cat Vaccination
2500 Rs/Shot
Vaccine Against:
feline Rhinotracheitis Virus
feline calicivirus
panleucopenia virus
Chlamydophila felis
Free Visit and Consultancy
Cat Rabies Vaccination
1000 Rs/Shot
Vaccine Against:
Rabies Virus
Free Visit and Consultancy
Puppy Parvo Vaccine
1200 Rs/Shot
Vaccine Against:
Parvo Virus
Free Visit and Consultancy

Advantages of Mobile Vaccination Service:

  • Less stress for your pet.  Car rides are stressful for many pets, especially for cats and any geriatric pet. Also, many pets become very stressed going into a veterinary hospital.  It often is easier to get an accurate picture of your pet’s condition at home where they may be more relaxed. Mobile veterinary care can also be less stressful for you, the owner. We eliminate the problem of loading pets in carriers and cars, driving them to the clinic, waiting to be seen and driving them home. This means less wasted time for you.
  • One-on-one attention with the vet. Many veterinary hospitals schedule appointments every 15 minutes. We allot 1 hour or more for appointments. We want to take the time to thoroughly evaluate your pet, develop a plan, answer all your questions and address concerns.
  • All pets (dogs and cats) in the household may be seen in one visit. This can be very helpful for multi-pet households.
  • Less exposure to contagious diseases and parasites. This is especially important for the very young, geriatric or immune compromised patients.

Call for an Appointment:


Vaccination Service Timings:

11:00 AM – 9:00 PM (Monday to Saturday)